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1. Sector 17 Shopping Plaza 

Sector 17 Shopping Plaza in the heart of Chandigarh is one of the top candidates for the best shopping in Chandigarh. 

This market is characterized by the fact that it meets the needs of everyone. As the city’s oldest shopping destination, this place has long received such praise.

2. Shastry Market, Sector 22 

Another commendable option for Chandigarh shopping malls is the Sector 22 market, also known as the Shastry Market. This place is hoarded primarily by the youth of the city and meets the needs of fashionable clothing, flashy shoes and gorgeous accessories. 

3. Palika Bazaar, Sector 19 

The Paris Kabazaar is located in Sector 19 of Chandigarh and is not very similar to the bazaar of the same name in Delhi. Rather, it is the street market that brought the concept of cashback and discounts to the streets. Very popular for its location, this market is adjacent to Sukhna Lake and Sector 17. 

4. Rehri-Markt, Sector 15 

Modelled after the Shastri Market, this market is in the most desirable location in the region and is easily accessible to anyone. From clothing to shoes to household items, the market is proud to meet the needs of every customer. 

5. Furniture market, sector 34 

As the name implies, this market is all about your indoor needs. As one of the best markets for furniture in the region, no customer is dissatisfied with this market. Cheap products on the market are also working to attract more people. 

6. Sector 11 market 

Sector 11, known as the city’s main market, is lined with huge showrooms. This is also a market that meets the needs of all customers and is endowed not only with shopping but also with some impeccable street food hubs. 

7. Patelmarkt, Sector 15 

Another meeting place for young people in the city,  Patel Market is also a meeting place for shopping enthusiasts. A unique brand and its unique collection of shoes, clothing and accessories have always attracted the best audience in town. 

8. Sadar Bazaar, Sector 19 

Another Sector 19 shopping jewel, Sadder Bazaar, is also one of the coveted markets in Chandigarh. It is this market that proves to be suitable for both men and women at a reasonable price. Hugging is a daily occurrence in this market, so with a little effort by the buyer, space can easily be affordable.  

9. Krishna Market, Sector 41 

 Beyond youth,  the Krishna market has always attracted a wide range of age groups, from children to teens to the oldies in the city. Known for its collection of 

 folk costumes, this market is a popular shopping spot in Chandigarh.  

10. Sector 7 market 

The basic automobile market in the city is the sector 7 market. This market is nothing if you have a lot of things to do. In other words, cars and more. From the trivial Maruti 800 to the full-fledged Audi and Mercedes, this market offers all kinds of used cars. The Sunday Car Bazaar in the area is a highlight and attracts people from all over the city.