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You’ll get the best traditional street food at Chandigarh’s Dhaba and restaurants. Not only that but there are also South Indian, Rajasthan and Chinese food!  To help you choose the best, we have learned how to choose the most popular street food in Chandigarh and find them. 

1. Golgappa 

Golgappas is a favourite of all chaat lovers. A crispy hollow price filled with sweet and hot chutney, curd, chaat masala, potatoes, chickpeas and flavorful water ensures a  taste explosion in the mouth.  Punjabi is larger, Tangier and spicy.  

Where to eat: Garg Chaat, Ram Chat Bhandar, Snacks Corner, Shami Chat & Sweets, Krishna Chat Bhandar, Chilli Chaats 

2. Dahi Bhalla 

Light on the stomach, but full of sweet and spicy flavours, Dahibara is a popular Chandigarh street food. Deep-fried crispy, hollow pris is stuffed with sweet and spicy tamarind sauce and spicy chutney, topped with creamy sweet curd to make it juicy and delicious. 

Where to eat: Snack corner, Garg Chaat 

3. Chaat 

Chaats has a lot of dishes such as papdi chaat, bhel puri, pani puri, bhalla papdi, aloo tikki, ragda patties and kachori. They have sweet and tasty chutney, flavoured water, potatoes, onions, corn, bean sprouts, legumes and other vegetable mixtures, and tasty stuffing with herbs served with Dahi or quarks. 

Restaurants: Garg Chaat, Krishna Chat Shop, Matru Tikki Vaala, Ram Chaat Bhandar, Krishan Chat Bhandar, Shankar the Chat Shop, Chilli Chaats 

4. Chole Bhature

What you have to do in Chandigarh, Chole Bhature combines the richness of chickpeas with gravy with the richness of fluffy Bhature. When eaten together, it’s a must-have for North Indian cuisine that’s always available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bathures are cooked in tandoor or clay ovens and can be cooked in plain or paneer or potato fillings. 

Where to eat: Sodhi`s Ziaka, Sai Sweets, street stalls (Khirki / Rehri), Nukar Dhaba, Gopal`s 

5. Sarson da Saag & Makki di Roti 

Synonymous with Punjab, it has captured the hearts of millions of people across India. Sarso or mustard greens are cooked with a variety of Indian spices and eaten with flat cornbread or Makki di Roti. A must-have for Punjab, perfect for the warm, food-rich winter season. In Chandigarh, you can get these at the famous Daba and various other restaurants. 

Restaurants: Pardaba, Amritsa Kulcha & Channa, Katani Daba 

6. Pav Bhaji 

Pav Bhaji, India’s most popular street food, is a rich vegetable curry topped with butter and served with soft bread. Those made in North India are more flavorful and buttery. The red-colored buddy is a favorite treat of Chandigarh when eaten with crispy fried bread. Where to eat: Sodhi’s Zaika, Wow, Snacks Corner, Neelam Fast Foods 

7. Tikki 

For those who love Chandigarh street food, there is nothing better than eating Tikki with Chole. Tikki is a spiced potato chop, usually fried flat, served with Chole, topped with onions and sweet and flavorful chutney. Tikkis can be eaten alone, but in northern India, it can be eaten with Chole or in a chaat dish. 

Restaurants: Garg Chaat, Ram Chat Bhandar, Neelam Fast Foods, Sai Sweets, Krishna Chat Shop 

8. Noodles

Food lovers on the street food in Chandigarh love this Chinese delicacy.  Chandigarh loves spicy foods, so noodles have a more spicy taste and a stronger aroma. I also like noodle soup. Where to eat: Raju Chinese Fast Food, Kathmandu Chinese Fast Food, Coca, Adhikari Chinese Food, Fly High, Shirdi Food & Snacks, Gopal 

9. Amritsari-Kulcha 

Amritsari Kulcha, an eternal dish of North India, is made from refined wheat flour, stuffed with various ingredients such as paneer, cheese and potatoes, cooked in a clay tandoor,Chole, chatney, pickles and curry. They are the best street food in Chandigarh. 

Restaurants: Kulcha Hub, Bansal Amritsar Food Street, Sodhi`s Zaika, Amritsari Kulcha & Channa 

10. Rajma Chawal 

Rajma Chawal is a typical North Indian street delicacy and is composed of red kidney beans. Red kidney beans are cooked in a rich sauce and served with rice. It is the most nutritious dish and is the most popular among food enthusiasts in Chandigarh’s street food. 

Where to eat: Sodhi`s Zaika, Khokha, Nukkar Dhaba, Pal Dhaba, Gopal`s, Deluxe Dhaba, Sindhi Sweets, Sai Sweets, Wholey Di Hatti, Talwar Dairy, Treat Point