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Chandigarh has so many places where you can enjoy your weekend and relax after working for a week .Second,  There are places where you can release your stress out and just enjoy the moment. Also, There is nothing best to enjoy your weekend with good food and the Eminent beer in the town. Beer is a trendy drink, people choose to have on their weekends.
Generally, friends have conflicts on where to go on the weekend. Some want to go to a lively and happening place, and others may have issues with their finances and want to go to a pocket-friendly site. Some just wanted good food and good music, some like to go to nightclubs and pubs, and some just want to enjoy freshly brewed beer. So, Here are some places where you can get Best Beer in Chandigarh. And These places also got the best ambience, music, and a great variety of cuisines in food.

List of Best Beer Places in Chandigarh

The Brew Estate is considered to be the best bar and pub. Their fresh microbrew is very popular among people .Besides that It has many outlets in Chandigarh and Panchkula.
The Brew Estate is considered to be one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife. And It is always occupied with the young crowd on all seven days of the week, But it is also popular among high age groups. It serves you with the best food with great variety and the best beer with fantastic taste. Vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians people, the Brew Estate got everything for you. Live sports screen, free wifi, live music, separate smoking areas, and fresh beer attracts you to visit the Brew estate.

Image describe the Brew Estate where we can get best beer and it is located in Chandigarh
Picture Credit:- Brew Estate

The boathouse is the best among all who provide Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese Cuisine in the city. Besides that, It is is the best Asian restaurant that offers multiple cuisines and serves the best-crafted wheat and hops made beer in Chandigarh .Also  It has a relaxing and happening ambience that attracts people. Another thing by which people get attracted is its fresh-brewed draught beer. It is located in the Elante Mall, Purav Marg, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh.

The purpose of image is to describe the Boathouse, where we can get beer in Chandigarh
Picture Credit:- Tripadvisor

The Ministry of Bar Exchange in Chandigarh has an avant-garde way of presenting drinks to their guests. So, You can get your preferred drink at a great price because drinks’ prices get changed according to the glass’s demand and supply. Also, Food served at this place is  highly delicious. They have Indian, Italian, Continental food cuisines. They also catch live sports on a large screen and it is  Located  in Sector 26, and it can cost up to Rs 1500/- for two people.

MOBE is a place where we can enjoy Nightlife in Chandigarh
Picture Credit:-
Grab your beer mugs in these famous microbreweries of Chandigarh, and enjoy your weekend with family & friends.