Calls for Enhanced Security Measures Amid Escalating Law and Order Concerns in Mohali

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Mohali, June 17—In the wake of rising crime rates and deteriorating law and order, prominent residents and experts in Mohali are advocating for a comprehensive overhaul of security measures in the city. Concerned citizens, including retired military officials and community leaders, have voiced their suggestions on ways to combat the growing sense of insecurity among residents.

Col. TBS Bedi (Retd), a respected figure in the community, emphasizes the need for increased police patrols, particularly in sensitive areas. He suggests the installation of high-resolution CCTV cameras and the use of drones in vulnerable spots to deter criminal activities. Col. Bedi also advocates for the establishment of fast-track courts to ensure timely legal proceedings and calls for the creation of welfare associations to bolster community engagement in safety initiatives.

Charu Mehta, another local leader, focuses on the necessity of enhanced surveillance and community policing. Mehta proposes more robust measures to tackle organized crime and stresses the importance of using advanced technology for better surveillance and response capabilities. She also highlights the need for police training programs to sharpen investigative skills and improve crisis management.

Bubby Soin, a community activist, points to the urgent need for more police personnel and better equipment to effectively counteract armed criminals. Soin argues that increasing visible police presence through more frequent patrols can act as a significant deterrent to criminal activities. He also calls for improved relations between the police and the public to foster an environment where citizens feel safe and are encouraged to cooperate with law enforcement.

The discourse around public safety has intensified following several high-profile crimes, including daylight killings and rampant looting, which have shaken the confidence of the local populace in their police force. Critics accuse the police of losing credibility and assert that the force is overly influenced by political leaders, undermining its effectiveness and accountability.

As the community grapples with these challenges, the consensus remains clear: Mohali needs a strategic, well-coordinated response involving upgraded technology, judicial reforms, and stronger community-police ties to restore safety and public trust.


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