Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Cracks Down on Water Wastage Amid Conservation Efforts

MC chandigarh
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In a major push to promote water conservation, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has intensified its efforts against water wastage, issuing 2,056 notices and fining 347 offenders over the past two months. The aggressive enforcement campaign comes at a time when the city faces significant water management challenges, including a noteworthy drop in the water level of the iconic Sukhna Lake and prolonged periods of heat.

Authorities have been particularly vigilant in monitoring residential, commercial, and public spaces for any activities that lead to excessive water use. Common violations include the misuse of drinking water for washing vehicles, irrigating gardens during peak hours, and operating fountains. Those fined have been found in breach of the city’s strict water conservation guidelines, which are aimed at curbing unnecessary water consumption.

The Municipal Corporation has employed several teams to patrol different sectors to ensure compliance with water conservation measures. These teams are also responsible for raising awareness about the importance of water conservation and educating the public on how to effectively manage water usage.

In light of the ongoing water scarcity issues, the city officials have underscored the importance of these measures. They emphasize that maintaining water levels in local bodies like Sukhna Lake is crucial not only for ecological balance but also for sustaining the daily water supply to Chandigarh’s growing population.

The Municipal Corporation is calling on all residents and businesses to cooperate and adhere to the water usage policies. They warn that enforcement will continue to be strict, with fines and penalties for non-compliance, as part of the broader strategy to ensure water sustainability in the city.


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