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Most women face the problem of weight gain after age, and it is also true that they do not pay much attention to the problem of increasing weight. Due to this, they have to go through many issues, including pain in the feet, joint problems, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Know about how you can control weight in this article.

Refrain from sweet/h4>

Too much consumption of sweets can be harmful, and health may have to pay the price. After the age of 40, if too much sugar and its components remain in your diet, this may be the reason behind the rapid weight gain.

Stress is also the reason

.Stress can also cause weight gain. With age comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes more pressure. In children’s education, their jobs, running for them, women forget to take care of themselves. As a result, you may gain weight.

Fluctuation of enzymes

Enzymes help in the digestion of proteins and fats in our bodies. Having more or less of them brings instability to the body. Due to this, problems like weight gain arise.

How much do you weigh?

Weight depends on the height of the person concerned. Weight beyond 40 in India should be between 55 to 60 kg.

How to control weight

  • Even if your health is not good or the doctor has forbidden challenging exercise, you can still take the help of walking to lose weight. If you can not go to the gym, then walking, morning walk is beneficial for everyone.
  • Cardio is emphasized for weight loss. Cardio exercises include aerobics, jogging, running, brisk walk, Zumba, yoga, or Surya Namaskar.

How should the food be?

  • Banana, beetroot, dark chocolate, kiwi, watermelon, oats, and green vegetables help reduce blood pressure. You can eat oatmeal, oats, curd, black gram, and boiled egg for breakfast. Breakfast should be made by 9 in the morning. Eat lentils, green vegetables, salad, eggs, beans in the afternoon. Have lunch by 2 o’clock. Try to have dinner between 8 and 9 o’clock. Reduce carbohydrates in food and take more protein, instead of simple carbs (potato, arbi, maida, rice, chikoo, grapes, banana, etc.), including complex carbs (whole grains, oats, pulses, gram/rajma, brown rice, etc.) in the diet.