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Panjab University is a government university located in the city of Chandigarh. Chandigarh is the capital of Panjab and Haryana. So it is popular and the most preferred university for students of both the states. Panjab University was established in 1882 when India, Pakistan were not divided yet. Earlier, this university was known as the University of Panjab. This is one of the oldest educational institutes in India.
It comes on the list of best Universities in India. According to Times Higher Education University Ranking, Panjab University is at the 38th position in India. Here are some point in describing the Panjab University life.

There are many degree courses currently running at Panjab University in different fields of education. It has a department of Science, Law, education & fine arts, business management, medical science, arts, languages, engineering & technology, pharmaceutical science, animal husbandry, agriculture and many more. These departments have their own specialized libraries with thousands of books for students. This university is spread over 550 acres of land.

The main campus of Panjab University was designed to serve the needs of academic, administrative, recreational and residential requirements for Panjab University students. This university has many male and female hostels. There are also hostels for working women and sportspeople. The university campus has a health care center, post office, open-air theatre, bank, shopping center, swimming pool, botanical gardens, playgrounds, canteens and much more.

Panjab University Life:

1. Campus Life

The University campus of Panjab University is located in sector 14 and sector 25 of Chandigarh. To meet the requirements of management, academic, Urban, sports. There are two campuses of the university.
The university campus has shopping markets, western union, banks & post office, sports grounds, botanical gardens, guest houses, seminar complexes, alumni hostels and much more. The university also has distinct buildings like fine Arts museums, university libraries, Gandhi Bhawan, and student centers for social interaction.

Picture Credit: Times of India

2. Hostel Life

Hostels of Panjab University is a home for students away from their parental home. Hostels of the university are made by considering the students’ needs & requirements who come a long way from their home to get an education at Panjab University. The hostels of Panjab University are safe and secure. They are quite affordable for students. There are 8 hostels for boys and 9 for girls and Few hostels for working women also . The environment of the university hostels is green, clean and comfortable. University hostels have great food with affordable prices, neat & clean washrooms, wifi connectivity, music systems, LCD TVs, indoor games, etc.
Picture Credit: Living India news

3. PU Elections

Student Council Elections of Panjab University is one of the most important events of the year. Months before elections, students start promoting, pasting posters, and distributing pamphlets. There is enormous security all over the city and within the campus . Before the date of voting, you can find the most expensive cars on the streets that you’ve never seen before. The reason is just to attract the voters’ attention. White kurta pyjama is an iconic getup of politicians. Students are involved in PU elections, but political parties are also engaged on a large scale
Picture Credit: Shoutlo

4. Stu-C

Food lovers are all over the world. The food at Panjab university is prevalent among students. People outside the university also come and have food in Stu-C. Stu-C stands for student centers. You get tasty and cheap food in Stu-C at PU. Students who have passed out always mention their life in PU and having food at Stu-C. Stu-C has so much to offer to people.

Picture Credit: Times of India
All in all, Panjab University Life is worth experiencing.