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Water, the maintainer, and destroyer of life have the magical power to bring out the children of all. However, if you live in an urban jungle like Chandigarh, there aren’t many natural opportunities to splash in the water. This is where the water park comes to your rescue-these artificial wonders are where you can enjoy the fierce water to your heart’s content. Instead of relaxing in the city garden, choose to have fun and play at Chandigarh Water Park. 

The water park is a great way to detox, relax, and engage in adventurous activities with your loved ones on the weekends before returning to your busy and boring routine. It’s also a great option for those who don’t like hiking and camping very much and want to have fun in Chandigarh instead of hiking far away. Now it’s time to bring the child inside you! 

1.  Fun City Water Park Chandigarh

Would you like to step into a huge water park, immerse yourself in a huge pool, or experience all these insane rides? 

Buy a ticket for Fun City’s Wonder water, arguably one of the largest water parks in the area! There is also an amusement park for fun-seekers who want to try a land ride. For those who want to extend their stay or relax in a comfortable room and enjoy delicious food, the parking area also has a resort with all the modern amenities.  

The abundant water slides and slides for kids and adults offered here can tempt you to try everything until you fall. It’s no wonder that Fun City is touted as one of the best water parks in Chandigarh. There are approximately 6 landing pools,  wave pools, and activity pools-in short, there are plenty of options for everyone. Water slides and vehicles available come in a variety of sizes, including small ones made specifically for toddlers who love to splash and slip into the pool! Some of the best rides to try here are octopuses, funny boats, crazy cars, crazy bulls, and all hydraulic rides. The newly added brand new Crusader can give goosebumps to your brave heart! The beautiful flora and fauna seen here are becoming more aesthetically pleasing. If you want to travel with friends and family, you won’t get bored with all of these options and you can be sure to get a massive adrenaline rush while driving any of them. 

Fun City Water Park Chandigarh

Location: Near Ramgarh in Chandigarh 

2. Thunder Zone, Chandigarh 

Another popular water park in the city is the Thunder Zone. Fun rides in the Thunder Zone attract people looking for a fun weekend to relax and detox. The park’s vast green grass has about 12 dedicated water slides, including swing chairs, octopuses, and caterpillars. Those seeking true adventure can’t stop trying each of these vehicles and slide over and over again! 

Toy trains and boat clubs are also available for those who want to take a tour of this huge water and amusement park. The food court in the park serves lip-breaking food, saving you the hassle of stuffing food and drink. 

Thunder Zone, Chandigarh 

Location: Mohali-Sirhind Road, Chandigarh 

3. Aqua Village, Chandigarh 

Built-in Chandigarh, this newly built water park has the most modern and top-quality rides and equipment for those who want to try the scariest rides. Of the total of five pools in the park, two are concentric pools, a new concept for attracting crowds. There is also a family pool, a kiddy pool, and a wave pool for all ages. Endless rides at Aqua Village will captivate children all day long and you will have a hard time getting them out of these rides as well as in the park. 

It is one of the cleanest water parks in the city of Chandigarh, with the best technologies such as automatic water purifiers and UV protection to keep the water sterile. Whether you’re a group of bachelors with a voluntary plan to try out adventurous rides or a family looking for fun activities for boring and moody kids, Aqua Village is a one-stop destination.

Aqua Village, Chandigarh

Location: Chandigarh Kalka Road, Pinjore

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