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Chandigarh is a historic place and it caught so many locations where you can travel. From modern to traditional places you will find Chandigarh city really fascinating. This city has great architecture and its planned map makes you remember this city forever. Let’s see some Travel Places in Chandigarh

Following are some Travel Places in Chandigarh:

The beautiful rose garden is located in sector 16 of Chandigarh. This garden showcases beautiful blooming flowers. You can find more than 825 varieties of flowers and there are around 32500 varieties of trees and medicinal herbs. This is the most popular visiting place in Chandigarh. Rose garden of Chandigarh is also known as Zakir Hussain Rose Garden. It is named after the former president of India. This garden is spread over 30 acres of land. This garden was built under the guidance of first Chief Commissioner MS Randhawa in 1967. It is the largest garden of its kind in Asia. Rose Garden of Chandigarh is popular among tourists because of its variety of flowers and natural visuals.
Rose Garden is the most beautiful travel place in Chandigarh
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The rock garden is an open-air exhibition of sculptures that are made from industrial, urban and rural waste. It was designed and executed by Nek Chand. He was a former road inspector of Chandigarh. Rock Garden is located between two famous places, i.e. Sukhna Lake and Capitol building. It is located in sector 1 of the dream city Chandigarh. Rock Garden was built in 1957. Nek Chand made this garden single-handedly during his free time. That is why it is also known as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden. It is a great piece of craft and redefined art.
Rock Garden is the famous tourist place in Chandigarh
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Sukhna Lake is situated at the foot of Shivalik hills in Chandigarh. This lake is spread in 3 sq.kms. Sukhna lake is one of its kind because it is a man-made lake. It was built in the year 1958. This lake is at a perfect location and it gives natural freshness to people who come there for jogging and walking. It is the best place to start your morning. The architect of Chandigarh Le Corbusier said that This lake will be the center of wellness for the people who live there. It is the best place for joggers, walkers, yoga people and for those who love to exercise. This lake has the longest rowing channel that hosts the Asian rowing champion. You can also go for a boating tour whenever you visit Sukhna Lake.
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Pinjore Garden is situated in Pinjore, Panchkula and it was made in the 17th century. AIt is a beautiful Mughal garden which is spread over 100 acres of land. Pinjore garden will connect you with nature and you will find peace by visiting Pinjore garden. Pinjore garden is also known as Yadavindra Garden. This Garden provides freshness of nature and beautiful fountains. Tourists who visit Chandigarh always go and experience Pinjore Garden to see this Mughal creation. India is and will always be proud and carefully maintain this garden
Picture Credit:- Chandigarh medical Tourism
The botanical garden of Chandigarh is a combination of two gardens. This garden is spread over Chandigarh and it has a huge variety of plant species. These plants are exotic and evergreen. In this botanical garden plants are arranged in quite a systematic manner. One of the botanical gardens is situated in Punjab University campus whereas the other is between Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden.
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While you visit Chandigarh do visit these places to know more about Chandigarh. This beautiful city has a lot to show you.