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The Story of Kalsang Cafe
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Are you looking for a great place to dine in Mohali? Look no further than Kalsang Cafe, a popular eatery known for its delicious Tibetan and Chinese cuisine. With its cozy ambiance, friendly staff, and mouth-watering food, It has become a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes this Cafe so special and why it’s worth a visit.

Introduction: The Story of Kalsang Cafe

 Story of Kalsang Cafe
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Before we dive into the details, let’s start with the story behind Kalsang Cafe. This family-owned restaurant was founded by Tenzin Kalsang and his wife in 2010. Tenzin is a Tibetan refugee who fled to India in the 1990s and worked his way up from humble beginnings to become a successful restaurateur. He opened Kalsang Cafe with the goal of bringing the flavors of Tibet and other Himalayan regions to Chandigarh. Today, the restaurant is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, known for its authentic cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.

History of Kalsang Cafe

Kalsang was founded by Mr. Tenzin Kalsang in 2002. Mr. Kalsang had a passion for cooking and wanted to share his love for Tibetan and Chinese food with the people of Mohali. He opened his first restaurant in Sector 8C and quickly gained a following for his delicious dishes. Over the years, It has expanded to other locations in Mohali, including Phase 3B2 and Phase 10.

The Menu at Kalsang Cafe

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One of the main draws of this Cafe is its extensive menu of Tibetan and Chinese dishes. From momos to thukpa to fried rice, there’s something for everyone. The chefs at Cafe use only the freshest ingredients and authentic spices to create their flavorful dishes. They also offer a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to cater to different dietary preferences.

Some of the must-try dishes at Kalsang Cafe include:

  • Chicken or Veg Momos
  • Thukpa
  • Chicken or Veg Thenthuk
  • Fried Rice
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Ginger Garlic Chicken
  • Schezwan Noodles

The Ambiance at Kalsang Cafe

The Cafe has a warm and inviting ambiance that makes you feel right at home. The decor is simple yet elegant, with traditional Tibetan and Chinese elements such as prayer flags and lanterns. The seating is comfortable, and the lighting is just right to create a cozy atmosphere.

The staff at Kalsang are also very friendly and welcoming. They go out of their way to ensure that you have a pleasant dining experience and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the menu or the restaurant.

The Pricing at Kalsang Cafe

Kalsang is a reasonably priced restaurant, making it a great choice for budget-conscious diners. The prices of the dishes are in line with other restaurants in the area, and the portions are generous. You can enjoy a filling meal at Kalsang without breaking the bank.

The Location of Kalsang Cafe

Kalsang has three locations in Mohali, making it easily accessible for residents and visitors. The main location is in Sector 8C, which is a central location and easy to find. The other two locations are in Phase 3B2 and Phase 10, which are also convenient for those living or working in those areas.

What People are Saying About Kalsang

Kalsang has received many positive reviews on various food review websites. Customers rave about the delicious food, friendly staff, and cozy ambiance. Many people also appreciate the affordable prices and generous portions. Here are some of the reviews from satisfied customers:

  • “Best momos in town! Highly recommend Kalsang Cafe for their authentic Tibetan and Chinese food.”
  • “The food was absolutely delicious, and the service was fantastic. We’ll definitely be back!”
  • “Kalsang Cafe has become our go-to spot for dinner. The food is always fresh and tasty, and the staff is so welcoming.”

The Menu: A Taste of Tibet and Beyond

When you visit Kalsang , the first thing you’ll notice is the menu. It’s packed with a wide variety of dishes, ranging from classic Tibetan momos (dumplings) to Indian curries and Chinese stir-fries. Everything is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and prepared to order. Some of the standout dishes include:

Momos: A Tibetan Classic

If you’ve never tried momos before, you’re in for a treat. These steamed dumplings are a staple of Tibetan cuisine and come filled with a variety of savory ingredients, such as chicken, pork, or vegetables. Kalsang’s momos are handmade with care and served with a side of spicy tomato chutney.

Thukpa: A Hearty Noodle Soup

If you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting, try the thukpa. This hearty soup is made with hand-pulled noodles, vegetables, and your choice of meat or tofu. It’s a popular dish in Tibet and other Himalayan regions, and Kalsang Cafe’s version is sure to satisfy.

Butter Chicken: An Indian Favorite

For those who prefer Indian cuisine, Cafe has plenty of options. The butter chicken is a must-try dish, made with tender chicken in a rich and creamy tomato-based sauce. It’s served with fluffy naan bread, perfect for dipping.

The Atmosphere: Cozy and Welcoming

Aside from the food, one of the things that sets Kalsang apart is the atmosphere. The restaurant is small and cozy, with colorful Tibetan prayer flags and artwork adorning the walls. The staff is friendly and welcoming, making you feel right at home. Whether you’re dining alone or with a group, Kalsang is a great spot to relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

How to Get There

Kalsang is located in Mohali’s Phase 3B2 neighborhood, near the market area. It’s easily accessible by car or public transport, with plenty of parking available nearby. The restaurant is open daily from 11 AM to 10 PM, making it a great spot for lunch, dinner, or a snack.

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Is Kalsang Cafe vegetarian-friendly?

Yes, Kalsang Cafe has plenty of vegetarian options on the menu, including vegetable momos, tofu stir-fries, and paneer curries.

Can I make a reservation at Kalsang Cafe?

Kalsang Cafe is a small restaurant and does not take reservations. However, the staff is efficient and the wait times are usually short.

Does Kalsang Cafe offer takeout or delivery?

Yes, Kalsang Cafe offers both takeout and delivery services. You can place your order by phone or through popular food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy.

What are the prices like at Kalsang Cafe?

The prices at Kalsang Cafe are reasonable and affordable, with most dishes costing between 150-300 INR.

Does Kalsang Cafe have any special offers or discounts?

Kalsang Cafe occasionally runs special promotions and discounts, especially during festivals and holidays. Make sure to follow them on social media to stay updated on their latest offers.

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