Power Outages and Destruction in Chandigarh Post Storm

In the aftermath of a severe storm that swept through Chandigarh yesterday, many areas are still grappling with power outages and infrastructural damage. Residents of Maloya woke up to a water supply cut, exacerbating the difficulties faced by the community.

The storm has led to numerous trees being uprooted across several sectors of the city. In Sector-36, a tree fell on a house, while in Sector-45, two cars were crushed under fallen trees, highlighting the extent of the chaos caused by the storm.

Citizens are expressing frustration over the lack of response from the electricity department. Despite repeated attempts to reach out through the department’s helpline, many find the number either busy or unattended, a recurring issue that has seen no improvement over the years.

“The helpline is always either busy or goes unanswered. It’s the same story every year with no real steps taken to improve the situation,” a local resident reported. This ongoing issue raises concerns about the readiness and responsiveness of the utility services in crisis situations.

Local authorities are currently assessing the damage and coordinating cleanup and restoration efforts. However, the continued unavailability of the helpline and slow response times are significant obstacles in the recovery process.

The community calls for an overhaul of the disaster response strategies, including a more reliable communication system with the electricity department to better handle such emergencies in the future.

Residents and local businesses continue to face hardships as the city works to return to normalcy, hoping for quick and effective solutions to the recurrent problems posed by severe weather events.

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