Aerotropolis Mohali GMADA’s new township near International airport Location, Map, Details, Progress


Aerotropolis Mohali, GMADA’s visionary township near Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, spans over 5,500 acres. As the 7th independent township, which has modern urban living with unmatched connectivity along the Banur-Zirakpur road, close to Aerocity and IT City. The development is divided into 9 pockets (A-I), sees its first phase in pockets A-D. The facilities include thousands of residential and commercial plots, designated areas for international embassies, extensive green parks, sports clubs, and provisions for essential services, marking significant progress in transforming Mohali’s landscape.Aerotropolis Mohali, a groundbreaking township project in the vibrant city of Mohali. It is the 7th independent township by GMADA. Near Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport on both sides of the Banur-Zirakpur road.

Aerotropolis Mohali Gmada’s New Township Near International Airport Location, Map, Details, Progr
Aerotropolis Mohali Gmada’s New Township Near International Airport Location, Map, Details, Progress 3


It is settled in the heart of development, Aerotropolis Mohali stands as witness to luxury and connectivity. It is situated by Aerocity and IT City, and mere minutes from Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, it offers an unmatched gateway to the world. This prime location on the Banur-Zirakpur road is not just a residential haven; it’s a crowded nexus of commerce, leisure, and high-tech business, making it the ultimate destination for those who desire a life woven with the threads of convenience and elegance.

Pocket Details

Aerotropolis Mohali, with its 9 distinct pockets A-I, is undergoing an exciting phase of development, focusing initially on pockets A, B, C, and D. This project champions a land pooling policy, offering a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the government and the landowners of villages like

  • Bakarpur
  • Rurka
  • Safipur 
  • Matran
  • Siaun,
  • Manauli
  • Patton
  • Saini Majra
  • Chau Majra 
  • Naraingarh jhungian
  • Chhat villages

This strategy not only ensures fair compensation but also integrates these villages into the modern urban fabric of Aerotropolis, promising a future of growth and prosperity for the region.

Aerotropolis Mohali
Aerotropolis Mohali Gmada’s New Township Near International Airport Location, Map, Details, Progress 4


GMADA awarded the tender of development  work to M/s SBEIPL-HRG (JV). Work has already started in Pocket A and B. 

Aerotropolis, GMADA’s futuristic township near the International Airport, is swiftly progressing. With the initial phases focusing on Pockets A to D, significant strides have been made:

Development Progress: GMADA has entrusted M/s SBEIPL-HRG (JV) with the construction work, currently underway in Pockets A and B.

Infrastructure and Plots: Pocket A is developing quickly with 3388 residential plots and 1469 commercial plots laid out, alongside earmarked spaces for international embassies and extensive green parks.

Community and Recreation: Plans for sports clubs, independent floors, and sections for economically weaker sections highlight the commitment to a balanced community-oriented township. 

This structured development is set to enhance Mohali’s urban landscape, providing a strategic mix of residential, commercial, and diplomatic facilities.

What is in the Aerotropolis?

Pocket A 

Pocket A in Aerotropolis Mohali is a vibrant area offering

  • 3388 residential plots ranging from 100 to 2000 sq yards, catering to diverse residential plots .
  • It also features 1469 commercial plots, perfect for businesses, 25 sq yard booth, 200 sq yard showroom .
  • 6 plots for 10000 sq yard each total 60000 sq yard land has reserved spaces for international embassies, emphasizing its global appeal. 
  • The area is further enhanced with 57.98 acres dedicated to green spaces, including 64 parks, ensuring residents enjoy a balanced and enriching lifestyle amidst nature.

Pocket B 

The project spans 206.3 acres,

  • Including a sports club
  • 1306 residential plots sized between 100 to 500 sq yards
  • 436 commercial plots, 25 sq yard booth, 200 sq yard showroom.
  • It reserves 16.59 acres for 13 small parks
  • 5.76 acres for independent floors
  • 3.17 acres for economically weaker sections

Pockets C

This project spans 242.53 acres.

  • Offering 1194 residential plots sized between 100 to 500 sq yards
  • 555 commercial plots ranging from 25 sq yard booth and 200 sq yards showroom.
  • It dedicates 21.82 acres to 31 small parks.
  • 5.68 acres to 5 group housing
  • Reserves 30.87 acres for 8 Central Business District (CBD) sites, showcasing a well-rounded development plan focused on community living, green spaces, and economic growth.

Pocket D

Project Divided in 493.8 Acres

  • 2753 residential plots from 100 sq yard to 500 sq yard
  • 1163 commercial plots from 25 Sq yard booth to 200 Sq yard Showroom
  • 35.68 Acres. Reserved for 31 Small and large parks
  • 5.68 Acres for Group Housing 
  • 5 reserve site for Group housing
  • 6 sites for Schools 
  • 2 sites for hospital
  • 3 Sites under EWS section

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