Discover the Enchanting Butterfly Park in Chandigarh

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Butterfly Park in Chandigarh is a tourist attraction and a vibrant ecosystem bustling with colors and life. Dedicated to the conservation of butterflies, the park provides a sanctuary where visitors can learn about the role these beautiful creatures play in the environment. This serene park offers a perfect blend of education and natural beauty.

About Butterfly Park

Nestled in Sector 26, Butterfly Park Chandigarh spans over 7 acres and is designed to support over 35 species of butterflies. The park features extensive landscaping, lush greenery, and specially planted trees and shrubs that attract butterflies. The area is dotted with water bodies and has paths laid out for easy exploration, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers.


AddressSector 26, Chandigarh, 160019
Nearest LandmarkSukhna Lake
Distance from City CenterApproximately 2 km
By CarEnter Sector 26 from Madhya Marg, follow signs to the park
Public TransportBuses available from Sector 17 bus station
ParkingAmple space available outside the park
Butterfly Park in Chandigarh
Discover The Enchanting Butterfly Park In Chandigarh 3

How to Reach

  • By Car: Enter Sector 26 from Madhya Marg and follow signs to the park.
  • Public Transport: Buses are available from Sector 17 bus station.
  • Parking: Ample parking space available outside the park.

Attractions and Features

  • Floral Diversity: Home to a rich variety of nectar-rich flowers such as Marigold, Lantana, and Zinnia which provide a perfect habitat for butterflies.
  • Butterfly Species: Spot exotic butterflies, including the Plain Tiger, Common Emigrant, and Striped Tiger, as they flutter around.
  • Thematic Gardens: The park features thematic sections like the Medicinal Garden and the Aromatic Garden that emphasize conservation and education.
Floral DiversityIncludes nectar-rich flowers like Marigold, Lantana, Zinnia
Butterfly SpeciesHome to species like Plain Tiger, Common Emigrant, Striped Tiger
Thematic GardensMedicinal Garden, Aromatic Garden focused on conservation

Services Offered

Guided ToursAvailable on request at the park office
Educational ProgramsWorkshops on butterfly conservation and environment preservation
AmenitiesBenches, shaded areas, cafeteria for refreshments

What to Do

  • Butterfly Watching: Best done in the early morning when butterflies are most active.
  • Family Activities: Enjoy picnics or participate in scheduled nature walks.
  • Photography: Capture the vibrant flora and playful butterflies, a dream for any nature photographer.
Butterfly WatchingBest in the early morning when butterflies are most active
Family ActivitiesPicnics, scheduled nature walks
PhotographyIdeal for capturing flora and butterflies
Butterfly Watching:
Discover The Enchanting Butterfly Park In Chandigarh 4

Visitor Information

Opening Hours9:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily
Entry FeesFree

Health and Safety

Safety MeasuresFirst aid kits are available at the entrance; regular patrols
AccessibilityWheelchair-friendly paths, designated rest areas
PrecautionsRecommended to wear comfortable shoes and use insect repellent

Nearby Attractions

Sukhna LakeA short walk from the park, ideal for boating and walks
Rock Garden2.5 km away; features art installations from waste materials

Butterfly Park Chandigarh is a splendid getaway that not only delights the senses but also plays a crucial role in the conservation of butterfly species. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or looking for a peaceful retreat, this park promises a memorable experience with its lush landscapes and vibrant butterfly populations.

Plan your visit to Butterfly Park and embrace the beauty of nature! For more information and to book guided tours, please visit our [official website](#) or call us directly. Join us in preserving the fluttering wonders of our ecosystem.

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