Top 10 Delicous Food in Chandigarh

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It takes less than a second to realize that you have the best spicy Punjabi food with cheese and meat in Chandigarh. Spicy butter chicken, filled paratha, cheese chilli, chicken tikka … the list goes on and think of the famous Punjabi lassi and ice cream. 

1. Paneer Tikka 

This tandoori street food is famous in India and even more famous in Chandigarh. Paneer cubes are skewered and served with mint chutney and other sauces. Other vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes are also added to Paneer. 

Paneer Tikka 

Where to eat: Pal Daba, Ticca Freaks, Katani Daba, Gopal, Chaplin Fast Food, Cindy Sweets 

2. Frankie 

This popular Chandigarh street food is always easy to eat. It is essentially a Kati roll filled with a selection of different vegetables and spices. It can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, but both are just as juicy and delicious. 


Restaurants: Tibbs Frankie, Kathi Junction, Roll Xpress 

3. Cheese chilli 

This Chinese food has become a popular Chandigarh street food. It contains a variety of exotic vegetables and pieces of paneer, cooked in hot sauce and served with herbs and other spices. 

Cheese chilli 

Where to eat: Raju Chinese Fast Food, Matru Tickky Wala, Shirdi Food & Snacks 

4. Momos 

Steamed peaches have become a popular street food for Chandigarh residents. Momo is essentially a Tibetan dish, with bite-sized dumplings stuffed with vegetables and meat, served with hot sauce and a variety of chutneys. 


Restaurants: Farabi Cafe, Chawla`s, Fire n Grill, Rohit Chinese Food, Momos Wala, Dumpling Hood, Miso Hungry, A1 Dumplings, Shake Plaza 

5. Parantha 

No one is as good at paratha as North Indians. At Chandigarh,  get the best buttery paratha, served with curry, cucumber and writer. Paratha is made from wheat flour and comes in a variety of types such as plain, butter, cheese, paneer, keema, various herbs and dal. 


Restaurants: Pal Dhaba, Katani Dhaba, Grubak Sudaba, Paharwan Paratha Point 

6 Spring Roll 

Another Chinese favourite spring roll is fried pancakes. It is rolled and stuffed with vegetables and meat and served with a variety of sauces and chutneys. It is a street food that is light on the stomach but exudes taste and aroma. 

spring roll

Restaurants: Toshiba, Roll Xpress, Gopal`s, Khokha, Raju Chinese Fast Food, Kathmandu Chinese Fast Food, Lava Eat n Wrap, Pradhan Dhaba 

7. Chicken tikka 

Chicken tikka, famous street food in Chandigarh, is served by grilling chicken on skewers or ovens, cooking with vegetables, seasoning with spices, and serving with mint chat only and other sauces. 

Chicken tikka 

Where to eat: Tikka Freaks, Pal Dhaba, Fire n Grill, Pehelwan da Dhaba 

8. Burgers

Burgers with vegetables, meat, herbs and sauces are the best street food snacks in Chandigarh. There is a large fan base of beloved burger fans throughout Chandigarh. Famous burger brands and roadside restaurants offer the best burgers. 


Restaurants: Burger Point, Yumura, Burger Hub, Burger, Burger King, Hot Millions, Castle Grill 

9. Lassi 

This famous Punjab lassi is best enjoyed chilled during the hot summer months. Popular with Chandigarh residents, Lassi is a yoghurt-based drink made from fruits and spices, sometimes accompanied by flavours and other toppings. 


Where to drink: Pal Dhaba, Sindhi Sweets, Gopal Sweets, Shiv Sweets and Bhojanalya, Talwar’s, Verka Lassi, Shiv Mistan Bhandar, Baba Dairy, Ram Dairy, Vijaya Dairy

10. Kulfi

Kulfi, made from condensed milk and containing nuts, raisins, pistachios, saffron, and other dried fruits,  is a dessert usually served after dinner. In the scorching heat of Chandigarh, there is nothing better than licking cold sweet milk or chewing a chunk of Kurufiba. 


Where to eat: Krishna Chat Shop, Sai Sweets 

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