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The IT Park of Chandigarh is also Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP). There are so many IT and other companies situated in this park, so this park is the hub for job seekers in North India. Chandigarh’s IT park is located 5 to 6 km away from Chandigarh railway station in Manimajra, Panchkula., In this park, people may find so many job opportunities for their careers. People of same city and people from different places come to Chandigarh and grab job opportunities in this IT park. World Wide Enterprise situated in this IT park offer jobs to Engineers, but they have a lot of job opportunities for MBA degree holders. This IT park has given a great advantage to the people residing in the sectors near the IT park. They got a gift of employment near their residing place. Companies in this conduct many walk-in interviews every year and give job opportunities to many new and fresh job seekers. Here are the companies situated in the IT park in Chandigarh.
The most popular IT companies in IT park Chandigarh are here. These companies provide many different types of services. Have a look at these companies.

Infosys is a leading IT company. It is a global leader in providing net generation digital services and debate regarding these services. Infosys has a client from around 46 different countries, and this company helps people in their digital transformation. It has been over three decades that Infosys has been working successfully. This company has an agenda of improvement by changing business with digital skills, ideas, and experts to move towards an innovative ecosystem It helps client in 45 countries to create and execute different strategies for their digital transformation.

Infosys-IT Company in IT Park Chandigarh. purpose of image is to give the details of company

Picture Credit: Infosys

Wipro- IT Park Chandigarh

Wipro is a globally leading company in information and technology, consultations and business processes. This company works in cognitive computing, robotics, cloud, analytics, hyper-automation, and emerging technologies. It helps its clients to take their place in the digital world. The company is globally recognized and has an image of firm dedication. The company has provided employment to 175,000 people and has clients from 6 continents.

Wipro-It park Chandigarh . The purpose of image is to give the details of Company

Picture Credit: IT Park Chandigarh

Bebo Technologies Limited- IT Park Chandigarh

This company has a team of experienced and dedicated software engineers. They work towards the satisfaction of their clients. The company has efficient management skills as well as excellent software engineers. This company has maximized its offshore and nearshore team’s benefits by breaking all communication and culture barriers and time differences. This company has an experience of more than 15 years in the field of outsourcing software products engineering
Bebo Technologies limited - The purpose of image is to give the details of company

Picture Credit: Glassdoor

FCS Software Solutions- IT Park Chandigarh

FCS software solutions is a limited IT company. This company provides Information Technology Services. The company stands strong in delivering application maintenance, software testing, product development, e-learning and digital content management, infrastructure management services. Initially, this company has worked in the field of data development, ECommerce portals, FPGA based accelerated computing environment and many other benefits, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Company is engaged in marketing and providing Information Technology services
FCS Software Solutions is located in IT Park Chandigarh

Picture Credit: FCS Software Solution

If you are looking for a job and a great environment, visit this IT park, you will get great job opportunities.

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