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Rock Garden-It describes that the structure of rock garden is beautifully designed.

A man-made, inspirational and incredible place in Chandigarh is Rock Garden. Nek Chand created a garden of 40-acre in Sector 1. The Garden has used the space sharply contrasting ways, from almost oppressively narrow, steep-sided lanes and tiny Alice-in-Wonderland doorways to gigantic waterfalls and open terraces.

Structural Root of Rock Garden

In Chandigarh, the Rock Garden culminated in his imagination and fantasy cemented and given shape by sheer grit and determination. People have discarded the entire place which is made up of industrial and domestic items. It has a confound list of old bricks, foundry waste, broken pots, culminated in crockery, bangles and pebbles to oil drums, bake lite (plug covers), rags, bike frames, wire, rainwater, and human hair

Cultural Fests

The administration has always found ways to indulge in people. Rock Garden conducts cultural fests every Sunday. Artists from varied backgrounds like music, dance, mimicry, plays, magic shows, comedy, and anything are most welcome to perform and entertain people. The cultural evening is an innovative idea for socializing and entertainment. These cultural events are a platform for local artists to showcase their talent

Flexible timings of Rock Garden

It is necessary to make changes as per the demand of customers. With changing times, Rock Garden has also taken various steps to keep attracting visitors. Today, Rock Garden is a part of Chandigarh’s nightlife as it is accessible till 10:00 P.M. at night. LED is there in whole area. Initially, the Garden was open till 7:00 P.M., but now visitors can enjoy it for longer hours.

The Legacy Still Goes On!

Anuj Saini Son of Nek Chand, Continued the art form Garden after the death of his father. later it has been upgraded. The whole concept resembles an Indian Village life. The sculptures of Rock Garden placed in Chandigarh International Airport for showcasing the City artistic value.

Rock garden Cultural fest- The purpose is that all the people are really enjoying the fests.

Picture Credit: ChandigarhX

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