Explore Sukhna Lake Chandigarh: Ultimate Guide to Activities, Timings, and Ticket Prices

Sukhna Lake Chandigarh
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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Sukhna Lake Chandigarh, a picturesque man-made lake that offers a serene escape from urban life. Located at the foothills of the Shivalik Hills, this popular spot, also known as Chandigarh Jheel, is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

LocationSector No. 1, Chandigarh, 160001, India
Entry FeeFree
Timings5:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Boating Charges *100 per person for Boating for four people
* 50 per person for Boating for two people
Boating Types2 types of peddle boats – 2 seater and 4 seater, Shikara boat, Solar cruise.
FacilitiesFood, Boating, Cycling track, Runing track
Eating PointCITCO Cafeteria, Chef Lakeview

History of Sukhna Lake

Created in 1958 by damming the Sukhna Choe stream, the lake was designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier. It was envisioned as a place of peace and beauty, harmonizing nature with the urban landscape.

About Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake, the beloved waterfront of Chandigarh, is more than just a scenic area; it’s a vibrant hub of activity. The lake’s shores are perfect for morning walks, jogging, or simply soaking in the views of the sunrise over the hills.

Facilities at Sukhna Lake

The lake boasts a host of amenities that make visits comfortable and enjoyable, including:

  • A variety of boating options at the Sukhna Lake boating price that everyone can enjoy.
  • Dedicated walking and jogging paths.
  • Eateries that serve delicious local and international dishes.
  • Sufficient parking facilities for visitors.

Events at Sukhaha Lake

Throughout the year, Sukhna Lake becomes a venue for various cultural and sporting events, enriching the cultural landscape of Chandigarh and offering something exciting for everyone who visits.

Travel Tips for Visiting Sukhna Lake

  • Optimal visiting hours are Sukhna Lake Chandigarh timings from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM, allowing visitors to choose a time that suits their schedule.
  • The Sukhna Lake boat timings are also within this window, offering ample opportunity for a peaceful boat ride.
  • Photography enthusiasts will find the Sukhna Lake wildlife sanctuary, home to diverse avian species, especially vibrant during the migratory season.
Sukhna Lake Boating charges
Explore Sukhna Lake Chandigarh: Ultimate Guide To Activities, Timings, And Ticket Prices 4

Sukhna Lake Ticket Price

Enjoy affordable boating with tickets starting at just INR 50 per person for pedal boats, providing a budget-friendly way to explore the lake’s beauty.

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