Ultimate Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh: A Foodie’s Paradise

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Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh is a call that resonates with the flavor buds of each foodie. Located in Sector 28 of the town, this iconic eatery has been serving delicious Punjabi food for over 50 years. From celebrities to not unusual humans, each person who visits Chandigarh makes it a point to visit Pal Dhaba. In this newsletter, we can take you on a gastronomical journey of Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh, and explore the history, menu, and revel in of this mythical eatery.

History of Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh

History of Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh
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Pal Dhaba became established in 1965 via Pahlad Singh, a local of Pali village in Jalandhar district of Punjab. Initially, it become a small roadside dhaba serving easy Punjabi food to truck drivers and commuters. However, with time, Pal Dhaba won popularity due to its mouth-watering meals, and soon became a cross-to region for meals lovers. Today, Pal Dhaba is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves quite a few vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

Pal Dhaba has a country and homely environment that immediately transports you to the land of Punjab. The partitions are adorned with pix of Punjabi folks singers, and the ceiling is covered with colourful umbrellas, giving it a vibrant look. The seating arrangement is straightforward and snug, with wooden benches and tables. The carrier is brief and efficient, and the workforce is warm and friendly.

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Pal Dhaba has an intensive menu that gives numerous dishes, ranging from starters to predominant route, and from drinks to cakes. Some of the must-strive dishes at Pal Dhaba are:

Butter Chicken

The Butter Chicken at Pal Dhaba is a delight for non-vegetarian food fanatics. It is made with juicy and gentle fowl pieces cooked in a creamy tomato-based totally gravy, and garnished with fresh cream and coriander leaves.

Tandoori Chicken

The Tandoori Chicken at Pal Dhaba is marinated in a mix of spices and yogurt, and grilled to perfection in a clay oven. It is served with mint chutney and onion jewelry.

Dal Makhani

The Dal Makhani at Pal Dhaba is a vegetarian dish that may be a favorite among foodies. It is made with black lentils, kidney beans, cream, and butter, and cooked on a sluggish flame for several hours, which gives it a creamy and rich flavor.

Stuffed Naan

The Stuffed Naan at Pal Dhaba is a completely unique and flavorful dish this is made by means of stuffing the naan with mashed potatoes, paneer, and spices. It is served with butter and pickle.


What is the great time to visit Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh?

Pal Dhaba is open from eleven:00 am to eleven:00 pm, and you could go to it each time as in step with your comfort.

Is Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh a vegetarian or non-vegetarian eating place?

Pal Dhaba is a multi-delicacies eating place that serves each vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

How is the pricing at Pal Dhaba?

The pricing at Pal Dhaba is reasonable and less costly. The common price for 2 human beings is around INR 800.

Is it important to make a reservation at Pal Dhaba?

No, it isn’t important to make a reservation at Pal Dhaba, but it’s far recommended to keep away from ready at some stage in top hours.

Does Pal Dhaba offer domestic delivery?

Yes, Pal Dhaba gives domestic shipping services within Chandigarh metropolis limits.

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