Best skin specialist/dermatologist in Chandigarh

Best skin specialist/dermatologist in Chandigarh
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Today, we live in an era where beauty and charm are the essences of life. Do you think your skin is dull and weak?
If so, you should look for a Chandigarh dermatologist to help you rejuvenate your skin and regain its lost radiance and charm. At the Skin Care Clinic, a team of dermatologists offers a wide range of carefully designed skincare services to rejuvenate the skin and improve the patient’s beauty. Our skin is exposed to a harsh, polluted environment, so it looks dark and lifeless for the rest of our lives.

Our bad eating habits, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco consumption also stress the skin and reduce its radiance. Looking for a way to avoid damaging your skin? Then it would help if you visited our clinic for all of your skincare need to be met. The skin is the most exposed organ and is exposed to various problems, including harmful UV rays, dirt, pollution and dust. Skin problems cannot be ignored because the skin requires intensive care and can affect the skin’s health, appearance, and texture. Mild skin conditions can be severe if neglected if not adequately treated.

List of best Dermatologist in Chandigarh



Dr Ashima Goel is one of the top dermatologists in Chandigarh. She holds her degree and graduates from Government Medical College in Patiala, Punjab. She is trained in dermatology, laser surgery and cosmetology. Dr Ashima Goel specializes in dermatology and laser treatment. She believes in diagnosing the root cause of skin/cosmetics / anti-aging problems. Dr Ashima Goel uses decades of experience to help patients achieve general health. She is a senior dermatologist at the Parisa Skin Cosmetics and Laser Clinic. The clinic is equipped with the latest developments, and its skilled medical professionals provide first-class services to provide patient-centric services.

Specialty: Pigmentation, acne scars, laser tattoo removal, wrinkles, double chin reduction, dark circles under the eyes / the eyes, stretch marks, dark armpits, sagging skin, psoriasis, square jaws, skin spots, melanoma, Itching at night/acne, infectious edema, acne, psoriasis, vitreous, dandruff, eczema, rosacea, keloids, urticaria, hair loss, PCOS and fungal infections.

Address – SCO 76, First Floor, Near Gopal Sweets, Sector 15 D, Chandigarh, CH 160015
Timing –  Mon-Sat: 10am – 5pm, Sun: Closed



Dr Naiya Bansal. Senior dermatologist and laser surgeon. Chandigarh’s Naiya Bansal. She was a scholar, a certified dermatologist, and a graduate of Amritsar State Medical College throughout her career. Dr Naiyabansal is an initiative by Dr Naiya Bansal, a prominent dermatologist whose clients are celebrities like singer Afsana Khan and cricket champion Shubuman Gil. Located in the heart of the beautiful Chandigarh city, the clinic provides all the medical, advanced laser and beauty services needed for skin and hair problems under one roof. They offer the latest beauty and medical services in dermatology at the best prices and with a personal touch to each of our patients. They are constantly improving their skills and skills for the best results and excellence. Your patients love to work with them in the long run as they build long-term trust and involvement with their clients.

Specialty: Treatment of all skin and hair diseases, laser hair removal, pigmentation treatment, acne, acne scar and anti-aging treatment, Botox and skin filler, lip and cheek enhancement, non-surgical facelift, advanced laser treatment and Laser birthmark removal. 

Address – SCO 76, First Floor, Near Gopal Sweets, Sector 15 D, Chandigarh, CH 160015
Timing –  Mon-Sat: 10am – 5pm, Sun: Closed

Dr Harmandeep Sidhu

(12+ Years Experience | Chief Dermatologist, Athena Skin Clinic)

Doctor with over ten years of experience. Harmandeep Sidhu is one of the best skin specialists in Chandigarh. He holds a graduate degree from DMC, Ludhiana and a PhD. Sidhu can achieve the best and most natural-looking results in skin treatments, cosmetological enhancements and hair transplants. In Chandigarh, she is considered a good dermatologist and beautifies people.

Speciality: Botox treatment, Dermal Fillers, Skin Whitening and aging, Glow Medi-Facials, Dermabrasion, Acne treatment, Laser Hair Removal, Acne Scar Removal, Stretchmark removal, Fat reduction, Tattoo removal, Cryosurgery, Psoriasis Treatment, Fungal infection treatment.

Address – SCF 31, First Floor, Inner Market, Sector 7 C, Landmark: Near Nand Sweet, Chandigarh

Timing –  10:00 AM-2:00 PM [Morning],
Evening: 5:00 PM-7:30 PM [Monday to Friday]
10:30 AM to 6: 30 PM [Saturday]
Sunday Closed



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