Jump Into Fun: Discover Hopup Chandigarh ! India’s largest trampoline park Zirakpur

HopUp Chandigarh ! India's largest trampoline park
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Welcome to a world where gravity is optional and fun is mandatory! Hopup Chandigarh is the ultimate destination for those looking to bounce their way into a day filled with excitement and laughter. As the newest addition to the city’s entertainment scene, Hopup Zirakpur offers a unique blend of adrenaline-pumping activities and relaxation zones, making it perfect for families, friends, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

About Hopup Chandigarh Amusement Trampoline Park Zirakpur 

Founded in 2021 by a group of trampoline enthusiasts, Hopup Trampoline Amusement Park was born out of a passion for active fun and a desire to create an inclusive space where people of all ages can let loose and jump to their heart’s content.

Mission is simple: to provide a safe, exhilarating environment where the only limit to fun is your own energy.

HOPUP Zirakpur
Jump Into Fun: Discover Hopup Chandigarh ! India's Largest Trampoline Park Zirakpur 2

Location & Details

AddressPR-7, Ambala – Chandigarh Expy, Zirakpur, Nagla, Punjab 140603
Timings10 AM – 11 PM
AccessibilityEasily accessible by car, bus, or train, located just 10 minutes from downtown Entertainment City, near the Grand Mall.
Phone80100 00250

Attractions and Features

Hopup boasts a wide range of attractions designed to cater to jumpers of all skill levels:

Main Trampoline Arena: Over 10,000 square feet of connected trampolines.

Dodgeball Zone: Team up and duck, dive, and bounce your way to victory.

Foam Pit: Leap into a giant pit filled with thousands of soft foam cubes.

Ninja Course: Test your agility and strength on our challenging obstacle course.

Main Trampoline ArenaOver 10,000 square feet of connected trampolines for open jump fun.
Dodgeball ZoneAn area dedicated to the thrilling game of trampoline dodgeball.
Foam PitA giant pit filled with thousands of soft foam cubes for safe landing.
Ninja CourseA challenging obstacle course that tests agility and strength, inspired by ninja warrior courses.

Services Offered

Birthday PartiesCelebrate your special day with a bounce! Customizable packages available.
Fitness ClassesJoin trampoline-based fitness sessions for a fun, high-intensity workout.
CafeRefuel with snacks and refreshments at on-site cafe.

What to Do

From open jump sessions that let you explore the park at your leisure to structured activities like trampoline dodgeball leagues, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy Hopup. First-timers are encouraged to start in the Main Arena before branching out to our other thrilling attractions.

Safety Measures

Your safety is our top priority. Hopup is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, and our staff is trained in first aid and emergency response. All jumpers are required to wear special grip socks and adhere to our park rules.

Trampoline Park Zirakpur Ticket Price and Packages

Weekday Deals (Mon-Fri)

1 Game of Trampoline, 1 Go Karting (5 Mins), 1 Game of Bowling & 1 Drink₹1423Mon to Fri
1 Game Of Bowling₹299Mon to Fri
Go-Karting (10 Mins)₹525Mon to Fri
1 Game of Laser Wars, 1 Gravity Slide, 1 Roll Glider & 1 Drink₹847Mon to Fri
1 Trampoline, 1 Bowling, 1 Rope Course/Wall Climbing & 1 Drink₹1747Mon to Fri

Weekend Deals (Sat-Sun)

1 Game Of Bowling₹349Sat and Sun
Go-Karting (10 mins)₹725Sat and Sun
1 Game of Laser Wars, 1 Gravity Slide, 1 Roll Glider & 1 Drink₹1047Sat and Sun
1 Game of Trampoline, 1 Go Karting (5 mins), 1 Bowling & 1 Drink₹1773Sat and Sun

Note: The prices and offers can get changed from time-to-time. Ensure to check the actual prices and offers available at Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park.

Tips for Visitors

Arrive 15 minutes early to complete your waiver and attend the safety briefing.

Dress comfortably! Athletic wear is recommended.

Don’t miss our weekly theme nights for extra fun and special offers.


Hopup Trampoline Amusement Park Zirakpur is more than just a place to jump; it’s a community where fun meets fitness and where every leap brings a smile. Whether you’re planning your next family outing or looking for a new way to get active, Hopup is ready to welcome you. Jump into the excitement today and experience the joy of bouncing to new heights!

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