Citco Chandigarh’s Best-Kept Secrets: Exploring the City’s Offbeat Attractions

Citco Chandigarh’s Best-Kept Secrets: Exploring the City’s Offbeat Attractions
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Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCO) was founded on March 28, 1974, under the Companies Act of 1956. Originally known as Chandigarh Small Industries Development Corporation (CSIDC), it began operating on September 20, 1974. The company played an additional role in promoting tourism and other related activists in 1982. As a result, the company name was changed to Chandigarh Industries and General Development Corporation Limited (CIGDC). CITCO Chandigarh is a list of luxury hotels in Chandigarh. Find the best hotels in Chandigarh and get the best deals.

In 1982, the management of Hotel Mountview in Chandigarh’s Sector 10 and Hotel Parkview in Chandigarh’s Sector 24 (then Chandigarh Yatriniwas) promoted tourism and other related activities. Transferred to the company with features. The partially completed Sivalikview Hotel (then Janta Hotel) was transferred to CITCO for construction and maintenance in 1988 and was put into commercial use on January 1, 1990. As a result, the company name was changed to Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCO).

In 1992, the company was given land to Sector 9 in Chandigarh to build a dispenser that CITCO could work with BPCL. Gas stations are considered one of the most popular outlets in town. 

In 2000, Baithak Restaurant / Banquet in Kalagram, Sector 13, was founded by CITCO. The unit is designed as a branch of the Punjab people. 

In 2009, Indian Oil Corporation Limited provided CITCO with Sector 56 gas stations and managed their operations. December 18, 2009. Then, in 2011, the US government allocated space for installing the dispenser in Sector 38 West. CITCO, in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation Limited, installed a gas station and an LPG socket.


Mountview Hotel

Location – Sector-10, Chandigarh.

Hotel Mountview has been an icon at the panorama of City Beautiful for plenty of decades, with recognition of looking after our visitors like no other. Nestled withinside the returned drop of Shivalik Hills, the experience of calm that pervades the out of doors area is carried into the classically appointed rooms and suites. A good eating area, top-notch banqueting venue, and a spa make sure that each one you want is to be had. 

Contemporary comforts, friendly surroundings, with customized offerings are the proper substances that make this resort a preferred, captivating region to stay. Each of the resort’s one hundred forty-five rooms and ten suites is individualistic in decor and style. Whatever your preference, You shall locate anything you’re looking for, bask withinside the solar amidst lush inexperienced lawns and majestic bushes with the backdrop of glorious hills, or do not do anything in any respect in a top-notch environment. 



Location – Sector-17E, Chandigarh.

Hotel Shivalikview, placed inside the city’s hub of enterprise, buying, and amusement in Sector – 17, gives a stylish, intimate base for enterprise enjoyment in addition to exploring the attractions & traveller spots of the “City Beautiful.” 

The resort is 25 minutes from the Airport and 15 minutes from the Railway Station and strolling from the International bus terminus. A perfect vacation spot for organizing meetings, conventions, and exhibitions with a focal point on MICE with unequalled customized offerings which upload to the inherent warmth. The resort is reputed for impeccable requirements of offerings and luxury. 



Location – Sector-24B, Chandigarh.

Hotel Parkview, placed in Sector-24, is without difficulty handy from Chandigarh Railway Station and each the IBST (Inter-State Bus Terminus ) Sector-17, in addition to the IBST in Sector 43. A quiet, unassuming, and price range-pleasant three famous person resort, Parkview surprises you with its effortless beauty and luxuriant greenery, and open lawns. It is outdoors and is characterized by post-modernist brickwork and architecture. The concord of its environment is complemented through the distinction of its offerings and the customized interest of its expert staff. Its atmosphere is best for each painting and relaxation. Parkview caters to each entertainment and enterprise segment. Varied lodging alternatives are to be had at an affordable price. Preferred through Govt. institutions, Travel businesses across the world, Corporate & Companies. The hotel has followed green practices and has a rainwater harvesting system. 



CITCO’s cafeteria, Mermaid, is set in the tranquil setting of a financial institution on the shores of Lake Sukhna. Tourists coming to Chandigarh by no means omit the possibility of going to the Sukhna Lake and availing of the centers at Chef Lakeview. Tourists also can experience the meals withinside the plaza region in front of the Cafeteria. CITCO has created a new food hype by relocating its restaurant and brasserie on the lake.

Boating centers

Pedal Boats, Cruise Boat, Donut Boats, Pontoon Boats, and Shikaras.


Double-decker bus, Rainwoodland restaurant – Shivalik View Hotel, and Lakeview Sukhna Lake Chef have provided a special custom birthday and kitty birthday program to organize the event.

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