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Being an entrepreneur is not easy. New emerging youth are full of ideas, and they want to shape their ideas into reality by commencing some business. Chandigarh students are getting so much exposure and understanding that they bring up brilliant ideas and show them in startups. In this article, we’ll take you to Chandigarh’s successful entrepreneurs‘ journey that becomes the inspiration to the youth. Here is the listing of Entrepreneurs of Chandigarh.


Success story of Abhiraj Malhotra

A Young man from Chitkara University placed at Infosys Pune quit his job in 2010 and decided to start his own venture. Abhiraj Malhotra is a young man who comes with a vision to accompany the teachers, parents, students, and management of the schools on a single and common platform. An online ERP to simplify school management and collaboration to help teachers, students, and parents be more connected and informed .Besides that He established a startup known as SchoolPad. By selecting SchoolPad,  and he has also got a chance to do his Favourite work, i.e. programming and coding ,also He was working on the things that other companies are lacking.

To conclude, I would like to say that there’s just one life and hence live it well. So, Do what you love, and believe me, there’s no better journey than the journey of being an entrepreneur, so if you feel you have it in you, become one and make an impact.

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Success Story of Samar Singla

Jugnoo is a single marketplace that provides everyday services on one platform. It could be food, rides, vegetables, fruits, and groceries. Jugnoo delivers everything at the doorstep of the customers. and  It was started in 2014 by Samar Singla and Chinmay Aggarwal just to do an experiment. Jugnoo was funded by 7 investors, including Paytm, Snow Leopard Ventures, Kunal Bahl and others. also They raised over 16 million in 3 rounds of investment.

Samar Singla is the Famous Entrepreneur of Chandigarh. Image specify his picture .
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Success Story of Edurev

EduRev was started in 2015 by 3 young graduates Kunaal Satija, Harman Bajaj and Hardik Dhamija, in Chandigarh.EduRev is open-source mechanization of Technology in Education. Students & Teachers can add to a digital library that anyone can use with an Internet connection. Also,
We aim to discover a complete, exhaustive online library for every educational field/institution, replacing books. And Building the most prominent online library for schools and colleges through crowd-sharing, eventually leading to an Educational Marketplace. These 3 youngsters have started the business in Chandigarh, and after that, they make it operational in Delhi, Pune, and also Haryana

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Success Story of Sameer Sharma

Whenever it comes to mind to get a great deal on restaurants, salons, spa, or events, Trideal always comes to every Chandigarhian. Trideal provides us so much happiness by providing such cool deals, but not everyone knows this startup’s struggle. Trideal is an initiative taken by Sameer Sharma in 2012 by keeping in mind benefits for all. Sameer Sharma was a fresh graduate from Chitkara University in the batch 2003-2007 at that time. And This revolutionary idea brewed up in his mind, and he brought Trideal into existence on 18th Jan 2012 Also, Sameer Sharma was placed in a Multinational Company directly from Chitkara University after completing his graduation. besides that Being an entrepreneur from the heart, he couldn’t resist his job and left the position to give his idea of reality. also Trideal provides enormous discounts, and the coolest deals on top brands.

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Kunal Nandwani was a banker and left his job after 5 years of doing it. He always wanted to commence his own venture and invest in it. And One day he met a broker who was working on a substandard trading platform and earning from it. From there, Kunal got the idea, and in 2011, he found uTrade.  Also  This FinTech company provides a multi-asset full suite trading platform, risk management, low latency, and DMA FIX gateway.

Kunal Nandwani is the famous enterpreneur of Chandigarh. He worked very hard for this.
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Now you got the list of Top Entrepreneurs of Chandigarh, and it’s your turn to settle up your name in this list. Get inspired by these startups and bring yours into existence.