Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu crowned Miss Universe 2021 – THE CROWN COMES HOME AFTER 21 YEARS

Harnaaz Sandhu
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Harnaaz Sandhu of India crowned Miss Universe 2021, marking the top of southern Israel’s controversial Pageant over the last 12 months. The 70th Miss Universe 2021 was held in Eilat, Israel. She is the third woman after Lara Dutta won in 2000.

The 21-year-old Chandigarh girl took the crown, beating Nadia Pereira of Paraguay and Larella Mswane of South Africa. Before the Chandigarh model, only two Indians won acting titles: Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in 1994 and Lara Dutta in 2000.

Miss Sandhu is quite familiar with beauty pageants.

She began appearing in beauty pageants at 17, winning titles such as Miss Chandigarh in 2017, Miss Max Emerging Star India in 2018, and Femina Miss India Punjab in 2019. Also, only this year in October she was named Miss Universe India.

Miss Harnaz Sandhu is not only a beauty model but also an actress. She has also appeared in various Punjabi films like Yaara Diyan Poo Baran and Bai Ji Kuttange.

Miss Sandhu’s Early Life 

Harnaaz Sandhu was born on March 3, 2000, to a Sikh family in Chandigarh. She studied at the Shivalik Public School and Post Graduate Government College for Girls in Chandigarh. Also, pursuing master’s degree in public administration from Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Early Pageantry Career

Harnaaz has been in a pageant since she was young, and she has won titles such as Miss Chandigarh 2017 and Miss Max Emerging Star India 2018.

Miss Harnaz Sandhu’s first professional Photo Shoot was done by Chandigarh’s star photographer Aryeman Bhatia at Hustle Studios.

During Miss Universe Performance

In a speech on stage during the pageant, Harnaaz urged the young generation to believe in themselves. She said, “I am standing here while we are talking because I believed in myself,” following big applause from the audience.

The Pageant took place in the holiday metropolis of Eilat, where 80 women from around the world fought for the crown. Sunday night was the final day of the contestants, and the variety of finalists was eliminated until the last two remained.

Nadia Ferreira of Paraguay and Larella Muswayne of South Africa are first and second.

Contestants were moderated by the cartoonist Steve Harvey who asked Harnaaz at one level in the night time to request Sandhu, “I hear you do some fairly good animal impersonations, let’s hear your finest one.”

Harvey was later criticized online for highlighting them in one of the many recommended and inappropriate requests.

What the hell, Steve, I never thought I’d do this on the world stage. I have to do this, I have no other choice. Get ready, everyone.” She said, after being shocked, she demonstrated some meows.

In a question-and-answer session, when Miss Harnaz Sandhu reached the top five, she had the opportunity to spread a message about changes in local weather. So, she said, “This is the time to start taking action and have less discussion.” She also stated, “Holding and defending is better than repenting and restoring.”

After her victory was announced, she celebrated on stage with various candidates and shouted to the camera, “Chak de Phatte India,” a Punjabi exclamation comparable in meaning to “Let’s do that, India!”

Harnaaz Sandhu’s journey to becoming Miss Universe began when she won the title of Femina Miss India 2021 earlier this year. As a child, she had dreamed of one day becoming a beauty queen, and she had worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality. She underwent grueling training sessions, practiced walking in heels for hours every day, and followed a strict diet and exercise regimen to stay in top shape. All her hard work paid off when she was crowned Miss Universe, and her victory has been an inspiration to young women everywhere.


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