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A city is well known for its landmarks. Chandigarh has its prominent landmark, namely, Sukhna Lake. The place provides an escape from the busy city life, increasing pollution and getting some fresh air. There’s nothing more serene than elegant green surrounding with a cold breeze soothing your body. Today, people of all age groups visit for walking, jogging, picnic or a casual stroll. There’s only one word for Sukhna lake – Peace.

Things to do at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh:

Sukhna Lake is spread up to 3 kilometres and was built in 1958. The artificial water body is a popular tourist place. Who says a lake is bland? Well, Sukhna lake serves all the reasons for excitement and eagerness to visit. Visitors find various activities at the lake, such as boating, fishing, bungee jumping, sketching, and much more.

Sukhna lake has portrait makers in its basket for art lovers, where live sketching is done. Not only this, there is a Chandigarh Peace Symbol where visitors get pictures clicked. A CITCO Cafeteria is providing indoor as well as outdoor seating. The place never forgets kids! There are camel rides and amusement rides for kids. The place’s heritage is marked by the oldest Peepal Tree, which is standing there before Chandigarh was developed. It’s the oldest tree in the city.

The place is an attraction for feeding ducks, sitting on the rock wall facing the lake, walking or jogging, and glimpse in the gift shops. A Tittle is given to Sukhna Lake of most peaceful place by the natives. It is also famous for its sunset and sunrise view. At the end of lake Garden of Silence is located.
Massive statue of Gautam Budhha is there, which is surrounded by greenery. It can be reached in two ways, either via the backside road of Sukhna lake or by walking 3.5 km from the lake entrance. Sukhna also provides membership to sports lovers. The sports complex comprises various indoor and outdoor games, gyming, tennis, and swimming pools.

Picture Credit: Youtube
I think Sukhna has given all the possible visits. The lake has been seamlessly portraying its serenity and beauty for ages. Escape the mundane lifestyle now and visit the place.