Fun City Amusement Park in Chandigarh: The Ultimate Destination for Family-Friendly Fun

Fun City Amusement Park in Chandigarh: The Ultimate Destination for Family-Friendly Fun
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Chandigarh, the city of dreamers, is a city of endless possibilities. It’s the perfect destination for romantic getaways, family trips, adventure junkies, and everything in between. And if you’re looking to take your fun game up a notch, there’s no better destination than Fun City amusement park.

Fun City Chandigarh amusement park is a regional park situated in Sector 41 that has something for everyone: thrill-seekers, foodies, families, and music lovers alike. It’s an ideal day out from Chandigarh that promises fun for all ages and interests. But before heading to this iconic fun zone of Chandigarh, do read this comprehensive blog on Fun City Panchkula.

Fun City Amusement Park in Chandigarh

Fun City Amusement Park in Chandigarh: The Ultimate Destination for Family-Friendly Fun
Fun City Amusement Park In Chandigarh: The Ultimate Destination For Family-Friendly Fun

– Fun City is the first amusement park to emerge near Chandigarh, having opened in 1995. It has water rides, funfairs, fun houses and more. It consists of over 20 hydraulic rides and the water park has 17 water slides, six landing pools, one wave pool and one activity pool.

– The Fun City offers free entry for kids below the height of 3 feet and senior citizens above 65 years of age. Besides it provides various rides for kids. Fun city also organizes various events like fun runs and dance competitions as well as bonfire parties.

– Fun City elevates fun to a different level altogether, making it a great visit for kids. Its specialty is to provide unique experience to the visitors with its varied rides and attractions. So if you too are looking for some fun, then opt for Fun city Amusement Park!

Fun City Timings & Ticket Prices

Fun city Amusement Park is one of the most fun and exciting places to visit in Chandigarh. The park boasts of water rides, amusement rides, and other fun activities. The water park has a wide range of water-based fun activities such as surfing, water skiing, diving, and more. The amusement park has many exciting rides such as merry go rounds, carousel, swing ride, roller coasters, and more. Besides this, there are also games like jeep safari, bumper boats, batting cages and laser tag.

The ticket prices at Fun city are Rs. 590/- for Amusement Park and Rs. 1070/- for Water Park per person. The rates include taxes too. To get the best value for money, one can make bookings in advance or reserve tickets on all days of the week from 9:30AM to 6:30PM.

Apart from this, reservations can be made by calling off 9:30AM to 6:30PM on all days of the week.

Explore the Thrilling Rides at Fun City

Explore the Thrilling Rides at Fun City
Explore The Thrilling Rides At Fun City

The Fun City amusement park is an absolute must-visit for any thrill-seeker. Located near the Nada Sahib Gurudwara in Ramgarh, Punjab, the park features 20 rides including the likes of Razzle-Dazzle, Big Apple, Thumak-Thumak, Octopus, Crazy Cars, Fun Slide, Spin-o-Spin and more. The rides cater to all kinds of interests and preferences.

The rides are designed to keep safety as a priority and are fun for everyone. The slides are especially thrilling with high speeds and twists that make your heart race. With its fun atmosphere and aesthetically laid-out flora and fauna, the park is a perfect place to spend time with family and friends.

Enjoy Delicious Food at Fun City

If you are an adventure seeker, Fun City is the place for you. It is a fun city located in Nadda Sahib Gurudwara Barwala Road, Ramgarh, Chandigarh. The address of fun city Chandigarh is Chandigarh-Nada Sahib Gurudwara Barwala Road, Ramgarh.

It offers a variety of delicious food options like Hot Feast, Punjabi Haveli, Cafe Amor, Franco, and Master Chef. These are ideal choices for visitors to enjoy a wonderful experience. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of water & amusement activities in fun city of Chandigarh. You will not regret visiting this amazing place to have fun and enjoy the delicious food and attractions there.

Top Hotels Nearby Fun City

If you are planning to visit Fun City in Chandigarh, there are a variety of top hotels with ratings ranging from 5.3-8.4 and prices from ₹6,370-₹14,158. Some of the best options include JW Marriott Hotel, The Leela Camping Resort, and Mahek Residency. These hotels provide a comfortable stay for visitors of Fun City who want a peaceful environment and great service. They offer various amenities such as restaurants, pools, fitness centres, and Wi-Fi access.

It’s also worth checking out Funcity Water Park’s timings. The water park is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and offers fun rides for hours of fun. So why not plan a trip to Fun City and experience all it has to offer?

Events & Parties at Fun City

Events & Parties at Fun City
Events & Parties At Fun City

At Fun City Water Park, you can enjoy water fun in the sun with rides, slides, pools and water fun activities. The water park is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm. Moreover, it is located in Chandigarh-Nada Sahib Gurudwara Barwala road, Ramgarh, Punjab. For fun and adventure, head to Fun City Timber Trail Resort. It offers fun water rides such as water cannons and water slides.

The resort is open from 10 am to 10 pm and has a restaurant, pool and an adventure park for kids. If you’re planning an event or party at either of these two places, don’t forget to contact Fun City for discounted ticket prices for kids below 3 feet, senior citizens above age 65, and combo tickets.

Plan an Unforgettable Trip to Chandigarh Now!

If you’re planning an outing to Chandigarh, it’s important to consider the various fun city options available to you. Fun city Chandigarh is one of the largest amusement parks in the country, with a captivating and diverse range of rides and attractions for everyone to enjoy. It has a variety of family-friendly rides, such as the Scrambler, Superman and Wild Thing, which offer a fun and exciting ride experience for all age groups.

Other popular rides include the Swoop, which enables riders to experience high-speed acrobatics, and the Ergometer, which simulates biking on a flat surface. The park also offers thrilling rides such as Giga Coaster and T16 (a roller coaster with a top speed of 165 kmph) for those who love speed and thrills.

For those looking for something more thrilling, there is Stepfall water park, where visitors can splurge on water slides, aqua pools and other water activity fun. This is a great option for fun-filled getaways with friends at a low price. Furthermore, don’t forget to explore Pinjore Gardens while in Chandigarh. This botanical garden was established in 1848 by Maharaja of Pataudi, Kalia Thakur, who was also responsible for constructing several buildings in Chandigarh. With its beautiful gardens and wildlife sanctuaries, it is sure to enchant every visitor.

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Are there any amusement parks in Chandigarh?

Yes, there are amusement parks in Chandigarh. One of them, Fun City Amusement Park, opened in 1995 and also has a water park a few years later. Over 20 hydraulic rides, 17 distinct water slides and 6 different pools are available in Fun City Panchkula’s amusement park.

There are three water parks in Chandigarh, each with different ticket prices, timings, attractions, etc.. Fun City Water and Amusement Park offer around 20 types of Hi-Tech Hydraulics ride and 17 different water slides. Visitors can spend a leisure day with family and friends at Fun City Water and Amusement Park.

What are the prices for tickets to amusement parks in Chandigarh?

Fun City Chandigarh offers a variety of fun activities for all age groups, from tickets for amusement parks and water park to combo ticket offers for both amusement park and water park.
Here are the prices for different tickets at Fun City Chandigarh:
1. A full year’s membership for Fun City Chandigarh costs 4,199 for couples and 8,199 for families of four.
2. Water Park Ticket cost Rs. 1070 and Combo Ticket for Amusement Park & Water Park cost Rs. 1090.
3. Amusement Park ticket cost Rs. 590, Water Park Ticket cost Rs. 1070 and Combo Ticket cost Rs. 1090 (for those above 3 feet).
4. Kids below 3 feet and senior citizens (above 65 years) get free entry at Fun City Chandigarh.

What are the attractions at amusement parks in Chandigarh?

Fun City Chandigarh is an amusement park that offers visitors over 20 hydraulic rides, a water park with 6 landing pools, one activity pool, one sea wave pool, and 17 distinct water slides of varying shapes and sizes. Kids below 3 feet and senior citizens above 65 years of age are offered free entry throughout the year.
The amusement park ticket price at Fun City Chandigarh is Rs. 600 for adults and Rs. 480 for children below 12 years of age. The water park ticket price is Rs. 1180 for adults and Rs. 880 for children below 12 years of age.
Other amusement parks in Chandigarh that offer similar attractions include Country Club Water Park, Fun city, and Cactus Valley.

What are the best times of year to visit an amusement park in Chandigarh?

During the summer season, it is advised to plan a visit to the amusement park or water park in Chandigarh because fun city Chandigarh opens its water park, Wunder Water, during this time. During the winter season, the water park component of fun city Chandigarh is closed. You can choose to visit fun city Chandigarh during any other time of the year.

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