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Chandigarh fair

Picture Credit: Times of India

CII Chandigarh Fair is a platform where international commerce takes place. It bridges the gap between business and civil society. Much awaited annual fair provides a firm marketing base to various categories of products. Later, the citizens of Tricity eagerly await the fair

This is an annual fest of Chandigarh where thousands of stalls are reveal. Therefore, the Confederation of Indian Industry’s flagship event allows Entrepreneurs throughout the world and showcase their product. It is a four day fair hosting 200 exhibitors in 13 concurrent shows, including real estate, auto, home decor, kitchenware, consumer durables, fine art, international gallery , and many more. Above all, the fair is well-known for various products to choose from countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, China, Bhutan, Tibet and many more.

Giving facts about the Fair, Mr Ankur Singh Chauhan, Regional Director, CII NR, interacts that, “Discovered as the powerful platform to bridge the gap between the businessmen and civil society, the fair is willingly awaited by lakhs of people who postpone all their Diwali shopping needs till the fair. The fair has been absorbing the visitors from the northern region.

The CII Chandigarh Fair has never Depress its visitors on the grounds of shopping. Most importantly, shoppers can find pocket-friendly products for designer couture. West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand have their heritage, handicrafts and other items in their basket. Apart from shopping, the fair offers a variety of food items. For food lovers, it serves a platter of flavours of various regions. The food court has a massive variety of lip-smacking delicacies.
Besides, the fair has an exclusive collection of kitchen & home appliances, smartphones, laptops, ethnic wear and much more

Chandigarh Fair guests

Picture Credit: Chandigarh fair